Cooking With Nevada Made: Kabunky Distillate Syringe Cookies

Did you know that you can cook with Kabunky’s activated distillate syringe? Infusing your own foods at home is easy!


Distillate is one of our most versatile products. But what is it exactly?

Essentially, distillate is a concentrated from of THC, extracted from cannabis plants. Distillate is unique because the THC has already been activated through heating. This process is called decarboxylation and makes the THC bio-available to your digestive system.

We know what you’re thinking … HUH?

It works like this. The THC isn’t actually THC yet, it’s still THC-a.

To convert the THC-a to THC requires heat. When smoking flowers, the flame converts the THC-a to active THC, giving you that buzz you love so much. With edibles, the THC-a must be converted prior to ingestion or else you won’t feel that amazing edible high.

Distillate is heat treated during processing, converting the THC-a into active THC. This means you can use distillate to infuse you favorite foods at home!

Which leads us to today’s recipe: Distillate Infused Peanut Butter Cookies!

Ready to get started?

Step one is selecting your favorite distillate strain. We’ve got plenty to choose from, including:

  • Laughing Laughlin (Sativa)
  • Acapulco Gold (1:1 THC:CBD)
  • Fire OG (Indica)
  • Gelato #33 (Indica)
  • Fruit Salad (Hybrid)
  • Orange Zkittlez (Hybrid)
  • And more!

These are high-THC offerings, with some strains having as much as 85% THC! These potent offerings are perfect for making edibles, and here’s why.

If a syringe is 85% THC, that means there’s 850mg. of THC in that syringe. To figure out THC content, simply multiply the THC percentage by ten.

85% x 10 = 850mg. of THC. This lets you make edibles at home for a fraction of the cost of purchasing pre-made. You can make 85 – ten milligram servings for the cost of one syringe!

Now that we know the amount of THC in our syringe, we can get cooking!

Cooking With Kabunky!

You can make all kinds of amazing foods with Kabunky Distillate, but today we’re starting with Betty Crocker Peanut Butter Cookies. 

Gather your ingredients according to the packaging.  This recipe is easy to follow and you probably have everything you need in your fridge and pantry already.

All you need is:

  • Water
  • Eggs
  • Vegetable Oil

Follow the instructions on the packaging and combine all ingredients in a large mixing bowl or stand mixer. This is also when you add your distillate. 

There’s no special steps to take, simply add your distillate to your cookie batter and mix well to combine. We recommend letting the batter mix for an extra 60 seconds past the recommended mixing time, to ensure the distillate is fully incorporated into your batter. 

From there, you can roll out your dough and shape your cookies. These cannabis leaf cookie cutters aren’t required — but they’re a whole lot of fun! 

Roll your dough evenly. You want to have as uniform of a size as possible.

Shape your cookies and place on cookie sheet.

Bake according to package instructions. Cool and enjoy. It really is that easy!

Dose Per Cookie


Knowing your dose per cookie is very important. You don’t want to over-indulge and have a bad experience. And you don’t want to under-dose and have no euphoric experience either. 

To determine each cookie’s exact dosage, take the total THC you added and divide it by the weight of the total batch. 

We started with an 80% THC OG Kush distillate syringe and added the full gram. That means we infused this double batch of cookies with 800mg. of THC. We had approximately 64 ounces of cookie dough, which means every ounce of cookie dough contains 12.5mg. of THC. 

We shaped our dough into three different sized cookies and weighed each one. The larger leaves are two ounces, the medium leaves are one ounce, and the small leaves are one-half ounce each. That means each cookie contains the following dose:

  • Large – 25mg. THC
  • Medium – 12.5mg. THC
  • Small – 6.25mg. THC

Always be as exact as possible when infusing foods. Accurate dosing is important to make sure everyone has a good time. 

Store your infused foods the same way you would normally store that item. You can even freeze infused foods for freshness. 

Always label infused foods with a THC warning and store separate from non-infused foods. Always store infused foods away from where children can access them. You don’t want someone to accidentally ingest infused foods. 


As you can see, infusing your own foods at home is as easy as whipping up a batch of packaged cookies. All you need are a few ingredients and a Kabunky Distillate Syringe to make potent and flavorful foods at home!

Remember, know your numbers. The THC percentage is clearly printed on the label. Multiply that number by ten to find out how many milligrams of THC are in each syringe. 

Add the distillate to your cookie recipe and weigh the batch to be able to determine dosage per ounce. Divide the total weight of the batch by the total amount of THC it contains to learn the dose per ounce. 

Weigh and shape your cookies to your preferred dosage and bake according to packaging instructions.  

Let cool and enjoy!  

Now you know how to make your very own edibles at home!

Click here to find our menu by location and order your own Kabunky Distillate Syringe. You’ll be baking in no time at all!